Jennifer Weber


Decadancetheatre performed "4" (Four Seasons) as part of Unreal Hip Hop at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

The Boston Globe Review:

“The über-familiar score, gently remixed by DJ Boo, provides the accompaniment for the meat of the work, three main duets and one solo, beautiful and private set pieces that celebrate the range of physicality and expression within the group. In the final moments, Weber gathers the seven dancers ever so briefly into an ensemble, before, wonderfully, releasing them, like so many spinning tops, into recapitulations of their earlier sections.”

Mass Live Review:

“The second work features the performers in Decadancetheatre, the group founded by Amherst-native Jennifer Weber. The piece entitled “4” features the music of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”

Adapting this well-known classical piece of music might seem like a stretch, but Weber pulls it off, especially in certain sections. The section featuring the music from winter is especially effective, thanks to the well-matched dancing of Sawandi Wilson and Lucile “Frak” Graciano.

But their duet is merely the appetizer for the main course in “4,” a stunning solo featuring Nadia Lumley. She performs her gravity-defying moves with such ease and style and reminds me of the head-spinning dance moves presented two years ago at the Pillow by Compagnie Kafig – and that’s saying a lot.”