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In collaboration with Decadancetheatre

In collaboration with Decadancetheatre

Freedom on the Tyne

Sunday 29th October, 2017

On Sunday 29th October a great drama engulfed NewcastleGateshead, inspired by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and epic civil rights struggles from across the globe, both past and present.

Out of the buildings and through the streets of NewcastleGateshead unfolded a unique afternoon of theatre, music, dance, circus and art to celebrate the courage and sacrifice of those who have led the long march for civil rights. Starting from different locations across the city, the stories from Selma, Alabama 1965Amritsar, India 1919Sharpeville, South Africa 1960Peterloo, Manchester 1819, and the Jarrow March, Tyneside 1936 were woven together in a unique immersive performance featuring a local cast of hundreds.

As night fell, an uplifting climax on the Tyne Bridge brought the city to a standstill for a memorable moment of light, sound and theatre.

Thanks to all performers, participants and volunteers for bringing this amazing drama to life. Thanks also to all of those who joined us on the streets of Newcastle and Gateshead for what was a truly memorable event.

FREEDOM ON THE TYNE was conceived and directed by acclaimed international director Tim Supple, scripted by award-winning writer Roy Williams, adapted by Katie Ebner-Landy and produced by Mike Griffiths